English Quiz for IBPS Clerk Prelims.

Directions (1-10): In each of the questions given below four words are given in bold. These four words may or may not be in their correct position. The sentence is then followed by options with the correct combination of words that should replace each other in order to make the sentence grammatically and contextually correct. Find the correct combination of the words that replace each other. If the sentence is correct as it is then select option (e) as your choice.

1Q. Justice Suresh Kumar Kait approached (A) the submission of Solicitor General Tushar Mehta that two material witnesses (B) had been cited (C) with the plea not to disclose (D) any information.

2Q. The investigating (A) Directorate is Enforcement (B) the alleged offence (C) of money laundering arising (D) out of the FIR.

3Q. The eight core bellwether(A) that form the sectors (B) for the Indian economy slumped (C) in August to their lowest growth (D) in four years and four months.

4Q. The NDMC passed a resolution (A) attacking the Delhi government for taking incidence (B) for the work done by the civic (C) body in reducing the credit (D) of dengue.

5Q. Kicking out (A) the redevelopment (B) of the (GPRA) colony, Mr. Puri said the project would be carried off (C) “without compromising (D) the green cover”.

6Q. Last year, the Ministry and its proposed (A) projects of other GPRA colonies(B) in South Delhi faced flak(C) for the redevelopment (D) felling of trees.

7Q. The BJP on Monday remark (A) Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal for his attacked (B) on Delhi’s limitation (C) on providing treatment (D) to everyone in the country.

8Q. The BJP said the Purvanchalis (A) was insulting Chief Minister (B) and demanded(C) an apology (D) from him.

9Q. The Aam Aadmi Party stood (A) back and said that they have always hit (B) with the Purvanchalis (C) and respected (D) them.

10Q. The party ruled (A) that people from Uttar Pradesh and Bihar were attacked (B) and forced to flee(C) in BJP retorted (D)Gujarat.

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